Vodka Mudshake

Discovery your indulgence

We’re back in the UK with stock arriving September 2020

Vodka Mudshakes are a unique blend of distilled vodka and milk available in a range of popular flavours. Created using a sophisticated retort process to maintain the product’s fresh creamy taste, Vodka Mudshakes are an innovative offering designed for those who like to indulge. Vodka Mudshake is a luxurious product to be enjoyed as one of life’s pleasures either with friends or as a treat to yourself.

Who didn’t grow up loving milkshakes and ice cream as a child, and drinking Vodka Mudshake just brings back so many memories and reminds us why we love a great creamy cocktail!

Vodka Mudshake can be enjoyed hot or cold, and with so many different ways to enjoy it, you never run out of ideas and occasions to drink them.

Flavours arriving soon

Chocolate – September 2020
Vanilla – September 2020
Hazelnut – Early 2021
Espresso Martini – Early 2021


Have you tried vodka mudshake ice blended with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and served with whipped cream to create your very own “adult sundae” – Yum

We will be adding a few recipes below soon as well as posting them on our Facebook page – keep an eye out.

The Story


Proudly crafted in New Zealand, Vodka Mudshake is a delightfully creamy premixed vodka beverage available in an array of indulgent flavours.

This delicious creamy alcoholic cocktail can be served in different ways to be enjoyed even when the seasons change. Try it chilled, heated or as the perfect addition to your favourite dessert.

A unique product in a category of its own. It is also the No. 1 selling cream based RTD in Canada and sold in various markets around the globe including South Korea, China, Australia and of course, in New Zealand, the home of Mudshake.

Launched in 2002, Vodka Mudshake is available in various flavours in a convenient 4.0% ABV, convenient ready-to-drink 270mL glass bottle format. With 4% alcohol by volume, Vodka Mudshake’s are like chocolate milk for adults as they are delicious, fun and indulgent.

The Milk


NZ’s temperate climate, great soil and abundant water support our pasture-based system, while our island status provides natural protection from pests and diseases.

The exposure to global competition in world markets has meant that, despite being a long way from most markets, the New Zealand dairy industry has continued to grow and innovate, consolidating over time and diversifying exports to more than 100 markets.


  • New Zealand accounts for 3% of total world production
  • New Zealand exports about 95% of its dairy production
  • In the year to June 2016, dairy was New Zealand’s largest export sector (18% of total goods and service exports)
  • New Zealand exported NZ$ 12.4 billion worth of dairy products in the year ending June 2016
The History

Vodka Mudshake was available in the UK between 2001-2005, where it was available through all major retailers, wholesalers and convenience.


Watch this space

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