No Name Distillery

No Name Dandelion: A slightly unusual gin liqueur over here from No Name Distillery, made from a base of London Dry gin infused with dandelion and burdock. The notion of whacking it into a liqueur may be new, but this classic duo has been consumed in the British Isles since the Middle Ages!

No Name Fruit Salad: From the folks at No Name Distillery – yes, that really is their name – comes a Fruit Salad Gin Liqueur! Handmade in small batches in Manchester from a copper pot still. Splash this in a glass of Prosecco and you’re good to go.

No Name Pineapple Coconut: An absolute summery treat right here from No Name Distillery, which sees an infusion of pineapple and coconut into a London Dry gin base. This liqueur is just the thing for those long, warm days, and we can think of hundreds of cocktails that you could make with this, starting with a a junipery twist on a Mojito!

No Name Distillery Violet: This rather magical looking liqueur comes from No Name Distillery, and if the colour wasn’t a clue, it’s a violet infused gin liqueur! Sweet notes of violet have been infused into a base of London dry gin, distilled and bottled in Manchester. But they absolutely don’t have a name. Not at all.

No Name Raspberry Ripple: Ah, good old raspberry ripple. No Name Distillery has taken the classic ice cream and turned it into a delightfully pink gin liqueur! It’s everything you would expect, full of sweet vanilla and raspberry, all with a base of London Dry gin. Drizzle it over ice cream to really bring back those childhood memories.

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