Crooked Eye

Cask and Craft Aged Rums produced in the Caribbean

Crooked Eye Rums are a range of 3-Year Old Cask and Craft Aged Rums bottled and Produced in the Caribbean at 40% ABV. to bring out the true authentic flavour and re-created from a century old recipe.

AWARD-WINNING | Best Spirits – 2019 SIP Awards

Crooked Eye 3-year old rums secure multiple awards at prestigious Spirits International Competition, 2019 with Crooked Eye Silver Rum winning Platinum medal, Crooked Eye Spiced Rum winning Double Gold and Crooked Eye Spiced Cherry Rum and Dark Rum winning gold medals.

What makes these Crooked Eye rums so special? These rums are aged in American Whiskey and Bourbon barrels so the authentic Caribbean rum flavour come through in the rum itself, with our producer growing the sugarcane, distilling, ageing and bottling the rums. The Rums are produced by FRANCISCO ‘’DON PANCHO’’ FERNANDES – one of the world’s leading Rum Ronero’s, who’s accolades elevate him to the highest distinction in the rum industry.

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The Story

The inspiration and story behind the Crooked Eye 3-Year Old Rums

The story began in 1836, when the three-mast schooner, the “Crooked Eye’’ hit the reef off a remote uncharted Caribbean Island, whilst carrying a cargo of spices, tropical fruits, and rums back to England.

The History

Their Rums are inspired by Caribbean heritage, mystery, and revelry.

Caribbean rum producers have spent the past two centuries perfecting the art of distillation, aging, and blending. The Crooked Eye 3-Year Old rums have been created as an accolade to this history and Caribbean heritage, which is an expression of our branding, history, and background.


World’s Leading Rum Roneros

Don Pancho has spent the last 50 years perfecting the development of superior rum in the Cuban and Latin American traditions, and it is this consummate skill and passion for perfection that is embodied in every sip of Crooked Eye 3-year old Rums.

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